Client: Collini

Project name: Executive development programme

Project content:

The Collini Group specialises in surface treatment of substrate materials. The Group is growing rapidly and is meanwhile represented in several countries with its own production sites. Collini recruits almost 95 % of its executives at all levels from its own ranks. Together with the IMP think-tank, we were commissioned in 2010 to develop and implement a multi-stage, group-wide executive development programme based on the company’s visions and its current and future challenges. Up until 2014, over 150 executives and more than 60 junior executives are to participate in a four-stage, coordinated and integrated development programme. The executive development measures focus on the harmonisation of the company-wide approach to management, the development and implementation of a Collini-specific management culture, reflection upon the individual participants’ approach to management, the development of individual leadership skills, the teaching of selected management techniques and communicative issues and the development of a personal roadmap for each participant to help them improve their leadership skills in their daily work routine.

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