Festspielhaus Bregenz

Client: Festspielhaus Bregenz (Bregenz Festival Centre)

Project name: The cube of life – Story-telling for the staff, customers and potential customers

Project content:

The symbol of a cube played a central role in the “Festspiel- und Kongresshaus Bregenz” (Bregenz Festival and Conference Centre) brand image. The “Strategic management” strategy paper clearly defined the needs and visions, yet these were not lived by the staff. Despite considerable effort, it was not (or only to a limited extent) possible to reach potential event organisers and to encourage them to use the centre. The aim of “The cube of life” project was to generate a sense of a new era among the employees, to create greater awareness of the corporate vision, to showcase the internal skills and abilities, and to simultaneously encourage customers and potential customers to use the centre. Drawing on Andy Warhol’s adage that “In future everyone will be able to be world-famous for fifteen [hdo1] minutes”, we developed a fascinating, experience-oriented and dramatically-staged story based around the symbol of the cube, which captivated staff and customers for a day and within the framework of a private viewing with over 1000 guests was dovetailed to form a fascinating image. The participants were literally transformed from observers into protagonists.

Festspielhaus Bregenz project 2

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