Mepha / Teva

Client: Mepha / Teva

 Project name: Mepha/Teva integration project

 Project content: 

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Mepha was acquired by the world’s largest generic drugs company Teva in 2011. We were tasked with helping to develop the integration process, introducing an awareness process, merging the two different cultures and corporate philosophies, generating passion and motivation for the new merged company and developing and implementing a vision of “the overriding goal, the corporate mission and the core values” for the newly merged company with executives at all levels. In a multi-stage top-down process, starting with the CEO and the Executive Board, the executives at all levels and divisions, down to the general workforce, and based on the four principles of action strategy, we helped the company break with old habits and developed the new common vision which was subsequently put into practice in two big kick-off events involving the entire workforce.

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