ÖBB Österreichische Bundesbahnen

Client: ÖBB Österreichische Bundesbahnen – Infrastructure / Track Integrated Management   

Project name: Vision development – With new perspectives into the future

Project content:

Our task is to implement a divisional culture in the ITC Integration Technology Center Plants division, to develop and introduce tools that make it possible to ensure positive, future-oriented and successful cooperation despite the difficult environment in which the division operates. Within the scope of the vision development process based on the ÖBB’s vision/strategy and in cooperation with all employees of the division, we are to define and implement a division-specific vision with shared values as the basis for the future cooperation. Based on this, the goal is to implement a divisional culture focusing on “actions”, a future-oriented team culture, the ability to commit and passion for ITC. Based on the four principles of action strategy, the employees were taught how to abandon old habits, embrace the spirit of action and make it the focus of their actions.

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