Client: OMV AG

Project name: With a new perspective into the future

Project content:

Within the framework of one of its projects, the IMP think-tank commissioned us to stage a major event for executives of the profit centre organisations in Eastern Europe. The goal was to rouse the more than 70 participants, create awareness for the forthcoming changes, allay fears and dissolve blockades, understand the mechanisms in habits and develop the platform for the next steps within the scope of the integration and change project. In addition to developing the content, we also sought an image or story that would enable us to appeal to the participants’ hearts. After all, what could be more substantial than images or stories that captivate our hearts and remain in our memories? This was the motto for the second part of the project in which we created the “eight sunny sides of the new Profit Centre Organisation” together with the participants. The eight virtues of “devotion, flexibility, personal responsibility, instinct, belief, confidence, team skills and willingness” were brought to life. The results were tangible and effective interventions which have had a successful long-term influence on the “innovation” and “changes”.

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