Client: Raiffeisenbanken

Project name: An unusual employee and customer event for hoteliers and managers

Project content:

Raiffeisenbanken has been using customer events in an attempt to establish closer relationships with their clients, predominantly from the tourism sector in Lech, Zürs, Montafon and Kleines Walsertal, for many years. In addition, the aim was to encourage clients to embrace new strategies for structuring their offers, for example. However, interest was negligible and the entire point of the activities was called into question. Using a fascinating experiment-based story, the tourism providers in the three regions were drawn into a new and fascinating reality, which culminated in a joint event involving more than two-hundred hoteliers, experts from the tourism industry, operators from the leisure industry and bank employees. The upshot was the realisation that a great story, if catapulted into reality, bears more experiential value and thus emotional content than anything else. This targeted measure merely served as a trigger for a more long-term strategic implementation of the corporate and marketing philosophy of Raiffeisenbanken and its clients.

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