SALK Salzburger Landeskliniken

Client: SALK Salzburger Landeskliniken 

Project name: Change and awareness process in management

Project content:

Development and implementation of a holistic HR development and management culture concept for the Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK) and a cutting-edge executive academy based upon it. This project involves the implementation of the defined target management culture including the values, management guidelines, target profiles and ground rules /structure (tasks, responsibilities, authorities, instruments and tools). Subsequent tasks include approaching the staff, convincing them of the ‘new’ strategy and providing the motivation behind the development of a sustainably effective development process for the organisation; the devising and implementation of forward-looking, strategic HR development measures (including the positioning and content-related design of the HR development measures); developing / planning and implementing an executive development programme on the basis of the target culture and strategic work – “The SALK executive academy” – aimed at improving and consolidating leadership qualities; revising and reshaping the management techniques, for example performance reviews, and their company-wide implementation and realisation based on this; situational coaching of individual executives and divisions, and accompanying the internal project teams in the context of the overall process.

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