SBB Swiss Federal Railways

Client: SBB Swiss Federal Railways

Project name: Change SBB one IT

The SBB’s IT executives and employees across the entire SBB organisation, and allocated to the individual divisions and organisational units, were consolidated into a single company-wide department, the SBB one IT. This affected approx. 150 executives and 800 employees, who now work as an independent organisational unit for the entire group. Our task in this project, which we implemented together with IMP in 2011, involved laying the foundations for the new joint IT management team, raising awareness, inspiring motivation for the new challenges, developing passion for the new major collaborations and preparing a platform for the new ONE IT organisational unit. Since the beginning of 2012, our job has been to jointly define the values (e.g. trust, esteem) for the SBB IT department in collaboration with upper management, and to ensure that all 150 executives and 800 employees are familiar with, understand and identify themselves with these values. We were also tasked with ensuring the clear operationalisation of the values in terms of their application in everyday behaviour, including specific practical examples in the SBB IT division. We also helped the SBB IT executives to channel the culture in the right direction and to be visible living examples of how to apply SBB IT values in their daily routines, using various management techniques among others. We were also to ensure that the SBB one IT culture is lived and thus guarantee that the content-related goals and tasks within the scope of the SBB one IT process are implemented and actively, quickly and successfully applied. It was also our task to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency in the SBB IT department for the more than 150 executives and over 800 employees.

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