Schoeller + Stahl

Client: Schoeller + Stahl

Project name: New prospects for the future

Project content:

Schoeller Stahl produces and distributes knitting wool. As a result of a management buyout, a new Executive Board was installed, part of the management team replaced and a new company and/or management culture demanded. This resulted in a widespread sense of uncertainty, opposition, frustration, and blockades. Top performers left the company. Based on the four principles of the action strategy, our task was to help the executives and staff break with old habits and make the transition to the new corporate reality. In an initial step, our task was to allay the employees’ fears, get them to see change as an opportunity and not a threat, create awareness, passion and motivation for the new strategy and generate a positive and innovative climate. Based on this, the sales team will be reoriented as to the changes on the knitting wool market and trained at a “Sales Academy”.

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