SVA Sozialversicherung der gewerblichen Wirtschaft

Client: SVA Sozialversicherung der gewerblichen Wirtschaft (Social Insurance for Persons engaged in Trade and Commerce).

Project name: SVA vision and culture change process 2010

Project content:

As a partner of the IMP think tank, 2008 was for us the start of a challenging and exciting process within the SVA. This was because the task involved was to develop and implement a new SVA vision and coordinate with it a new corporate and management culture. The content was developed in cooperation with the top management. 130 executives subsequently debated the results and were able to actively voice their concerns and put forward ideas in order to bring about a joint result. Based on this, an executive training programme was subsequently developed and implemented. The outcome of the overall project was nine kick-off seminars, major events for the employees in the federal states. The goal case was to teach the up to three hundred participants at each event about the SVA’s vision, purpose, goals and values and its understanding of culture, and on this basis to generate a sense of a new era about to dawn, motivation, personal initiative and the requisite commitment.

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