Vorarlberg Tourismus

Client: Vorarlberg Tourismus

Project name: The visions /story-telling project – Voralpolis or finding happiness

Project content:

A two-day workshop was held in collaboration with the three conference centres in Bregenz, Dornbirn and Feldkirch, Bodensee-Alpenrhein Tourismus and the Incoming department of Vorarlberger Landesreisebüro GmbH. The goal was to reconcile the various needs and opinions of the participants while simultaneously pressing ahead with the reorganisation of the overall project “Kongressland Vorarlberg” (Vorarlberg – land of conferences). A further focus involved seeking a product idea, a trademark and a common marketing and customer acquisition platform. With the aid of the concept “Voralpolis”, we were able to inject a story into the awareness of the participants and their customers or target customers in the course of the project which painted a homogenous picture of the conference land Vorarlberg, presenting it as a veritable Disneyland for event organisers. Voralpolis was subsequently presented at various trade fairs, and the collaboration between the three conference centres intensified and expanded. Together with other partners, they now form the CPV Convention Partner Vorarlberg.

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