Working with large groups

We offer tangible and effective interventions to propel your company’s visions, cultural understanding, values and forthcoming changes from glossy brochures and project studies into day-to-day reality. This is because the best form of communication and learning is by means of particularly intense experiences. To deepen learning processes and to implement your goals in the long term, we transcend familiar forms of knowledge transfer and draw upon all dimensions of human experience. 
At the same time, events involving large groups can be the key to success. Here, the participants can switch from being passive bystanders to active protagonists in just a single day or even a matter of hours. A comprehensive departure from the visionary sphere to the day-to-day reality – a step that leaves a tangible mark.

Implementation areas

Whether with 50, 300, 500 or even more participants – we have been working together successfully with large groups for many years. Especially in… 

  • change processes

  • corporate /management culture projects

  • the development and implementation of visions and values

  • integration processes such as company mergers

  • the alignment of global management strategies