Initiating a change of view or perspective.

We see coaching as a means to monitor personalities, work and processes, which enables us and the clients advised by us to jointly reflect on problematic issues relating to their personality and activities both in their private lives and at work. If desired, and depending on requirements, this includes an analysis of your personality in your private life and/or in connection with your role in your professional setting. In this context, we do not offer prefabricated solutions, but act as a catalyst, as it were. 
The goal is to make our clients more effective. This means:  
  • maintaining their capacity for self-reflection even in difficult situations, 

  • developing our clients’ personal perception,

  • managing problems and pressure in a manner that is beneficial to one’s personal development.

We consider a coaching session to be completed once the client has learned how to implement the range of actions developed during the coaching process. Our clients include private individuals of independent means, entrepreneurs, managers and politicians. Upon request, we guarantee our client absolute discretion.