A guide to success in challenging times: Schmid is an unorthodox thinker, breaks with old habits, has the courage to be different and impressively demonstrates what is necessary to be successful even in turbulent times – entertaining, thought-provoking and absolutely out of the ordinary. 

Recommendations for breaking with old habits: 
Schmid has developed four principles for the action strategy. The result is a change of perspective. It helps passive bystanders become active protagonists. A spirit of discovery and new approaches are decisive in a world in which initiative, creativity and passion are crucial.
A chance to turn disillusionment into motivation: Schmid inspires a will to change, because the best form of communication and learning is by means of particularly intense experiences. To deepen learning processes and to implement the potential for change in the long term, he transcends familiar forms of knowledge transfer and draws upon all dimensions of human experience. 

An appeal to assume personal responsibility: 
Schmid does not aim to present out-of-the-box solutions, concepts and instructions the likes of which can be found in countless specialist publications or magazines. He demonstrates ways to turn abstract thoughts and ideas into concrete actions, thereby illustrating how to implement potential for change, visions and goals. Prefabricated answers close doors – Schmid opens them.