Corporate culture

One of the most fundamental questions of corporate culture and the system of values is: Within corporate reality what could be created out of our circumstances that is different to what we refer to as “daily routine”? After all, the purpose of corporate culture is to impart a deeper understanding of the chances to shape what already exists and hence exploit hitherto unused potential for change.

Would you like

  • to take a whole new approach to knowledge transfer?

  • to find an emotional way to translate your topic?

  • to make culture and values directly tangible?

  • to achieve a sense of collective revelation?

We take an entirely new approach to co-operation. We bring myths, rituals and multi-facetted symbolism into play. This enables us to open up complex semantic levels, thereby creating emotionally charged representations of community. This experienced community is of decisive importance for corporate identity, identification and culture. Let your executives and employees switch from being passive bystanders to active protagonists.