Internal Branding

Strong brands always come into being from the inside to the outside – never the other way round. This is why strong internal branding is essential. After all, the essential question is: “How can executives and employees successfully make good the brand promise in their daily work routine?” 

Do you want your executives and employees… 

  • to have a clearly defined and inspiring brand promise?

  • to be living examples of the brand promise? 

  • to show commitment?

  • to consistently communicate the brand promise internally?

  • to be change agents with regard to the brand? 

  • to see themselves as brand custodians?

  • to actively participate in the branding process? 

  • to regularly compare how the brand promise is perceived inside and outside the company?


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Brand-specific knowledge (ability) and identification with the brand (volition) give rise to brand commitment, brand-supporting employee behaviour and ultimately strengthen the brand. We offer tangible and effective interventions to propel the desired brand messages from the glossy brochures into the reality of executives and employees.