What we do

As an international consulting firm we consciously seek to transcend limits in the further development of organisations and the cross-border development of the awareness of individuals. We do not see ourselves as mere consultants, coaches and trainers, but also as story tellers. After all, what could be more substantial than images or stories that captivate our hearts and remain in our memories? Our advisory processes, training, coaching and lectures serve primarily to make individuals more aware of their own ability for autonomous action within their occupational environment as well as to develop a “positive, innovative” climate. We demonstrate ways to turn abstract thoughts and ideas into concrete actions, thereby illustrating how to develop and implement potential for change, visions and goals.  
The individual is always at the heart of everything we do. It is individuals that can drive but also block change processes, implement or prevent innovations. “Because,” according to Hansjörg Schmid, “especially in times of change, which are inevitably also times of uncertainty and fear, it is decisive to success that those working for an organisation are prepared to assume and generate personal responsibility for themselves and their environment and are willing to embrace change.”